Exhibitor Rules and Regulations

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Show Objective:

NAIPExpo is a trade show produced by North American International Powersports. It provides a marketplace for any and all powersports, accessories, aftermarket parts, specialty equipment, performance equipment, racing, restyling, graphics, mobile electronics, audio equipment, paint, powder coating, and general off-road markets to promote the industry, and to facilitate the exchange of information about new products, marketing concepts and techniques.



The North American International Powersports Expo (“NAIPExpo, LLC”) owns, produces and manages the NAIPExpo. NAIPExpo, LLC is hereinafter referred to as “Expo Management”. The NAIPExpo hereinafter shall be referred to as “Expo”. The site of the Expo is the Arlington Convention Center which is operated by the City of Arlington and is hereinafter referred to as the “CENTER”. The exhibit halls and grounds of the CENTER are hereinafter referred to as the “Exhibit Areas”. The Exhibit Space Rental Agreement, these Exhibitor Rules & Regulations and any other rules & guidelines enacted by Expo Management are hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement” and constitute the agreement between Expo Management and the Exhibitor. These Agreements, as defined herein, shall be applicable to all activities conducted in an Exhibitor’s booth space, as well as all other activities an Exhibitor conducts or sponsors relating to the Expo, both onsite and pre-or-post expo, including without limitation, sponsorships, driving activities, feature vehicle displays, and training programs (collectively, the “Activities”). It is understood that these Exhibitor Rules & Regulations (collectively the “Rules”) may be changed at any time by Expo Management who reserves the right to modify the Rules in its sole discretion if it determines any Exhibitor’s display of goods or services are not compatible with the objectives of or are in the best interests of the Expo.


General Rules for Displays and Exhibits:

All booth arrangements shall confirm in all respects to the dimensions and height requirements as specified by Expo Management. Booth height shall not exceed 10’ from the floor without prior written permission from Expo Management; booth size cannot exceed the space contracted. Exhibits shall be arranged so as not to obstruct the general view or access to surrounding displays, aisles, or public space within the exhibit facilities. All displays and exhibits shall be a high standard of quality. All exhibits, staff and personnel must be contained within an Exhibitor’s assigned space and may not extend beyond such space, or infringe upon the space of another exhibitor or block aisles so as to, in any way, impede public use of the aisles. Any and all special promotional ideas, including those involving projected images and/or speakers and sound presentations, must be approved in writing by Expo Management prior to the Expo. Expo Management reserves the right to restrict the use of objectionable sound and lighting.


Exhibit Personnel:

All persons representing Exhibitors must be properly and professionally attired. Consumption of alcoholic beverages by Exhibitor personnel during the Expo hours is strictly prohibited.  Expo Management maintains broad discretion to enforce this provision.  Expo Management may ask persons in violation of this provision to leave the Expo and will notify Exhibitor of such actions.


Sub-Contracting, Subletting and/or Sharing of Exhibit Space:

Absolutely no sub-contracting booth space is permitted. The sub-contracting, subletting and/or sharing of any exhibit space including advertising for or with another person, firm, vendor or corporation is not permitted and is strictly prohibited.

Exhibitor Move-In Day:

Thursday – 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Move in day will be on Thursday the day before opening day of the Expo. The Exhibit Hall will open at 9:00 a.m. to all Exhibitors for move-in. All Exhibitors exhibit freight, materials and booth setups may begin move-in and setup at 9:00 a.m., but all must arrive for move-in and setup no later than 2:00 p.m. and be Expo-ready by 8:00 p.m. the same day. NO EXCEPTIONS!


Show Days/Times*:

Friday – Expo opens to the public at 9 a.m. and closes at 9 p.m.

Saturday – Expo opens to the public at 9 a.m. and closes at 9 p.m.

Sunday – Expo opens to the public at 9 a.m. and closes at 4 p.m.

  • Exhibitors will be allowed to enter the exhibit hall one hour prior to opening each day. Always check with expo management the day before.


Exhibitor Move-Out*:

Sunday – 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Move out will begin only after the official close of the expo on Sunday at 5 p.m.

  • Exhibitors shall not remove from the exhibit facility any part of their exhibit and/or display, including, but not limited to, vehicles until the Expo is officially closed and all attendees have left the exhibit facility. All vehicles, exhibits and displays must be removed from the exhibit facility no later than 11 p.m. on the closing day of the Expo, Sunday. If additional time beyond 11 p.m. is needed for move-out it shall be requested to and approved by Expo Management.


Application for Exhibit Space Rental Agreement:

The Exhibit Space Rental Agreement can be found on the NAIPExpo website. The rental agreement for rental of exhibit space shall be subject to the approval of Expo Management, and Expo Management reserves the right to reject applications for space with or without cause if in the best interest of the Expo.  The rental agreement can be saved as a PDF file from the website, filled out either electronically or hand written and sent to Expo Management by email for approval and acceptance. Expo Management will contact Exhibitor following submission of the Exhibit Space Rental Agreement if it finds issues with the application and or to confirm the Exhibitor’s required booth space(s) as submitted by the Exhibitor on the Exhibit Space Rental Agreement. Full Acceptance of the Exhibit Space Rental Agreement by Expo Management will not be binding until Exhibitor fully complies with the application requirements set forth herein, including the agreed monetary deposits and letters of appointment, if applicable.  Upon acceptance of the Exhibit Space Rental Agreement by Expo Management, it shall be a legally binding agreement between the Exhibitor and Expo Management.  Exhibitor agrees to accept expo information sent by NAIPExpo (Expo Management) via e-mail, fax or any other method of communication.



Any cancellation must be given eight weeks prior to the opening day of the show. Phone calls will be accepted with a follow-up letter forthcoming from the Exhibitor. If in any event the rental is cancelled within less that the eight weeks from opening day, all deposits and or payments made prior to will be forfeited. In the event an Exhibitor fails to show, does not show up to the Expo and does not notify Expo Management, the Exhibitor will be cancelled along with their exhibit and all deposits and payments will be forfeited.


Booth/Rental Space Selection:

Booth space is sold in 10 x 10 units. The minimum booth space available is 100 sq. feet.  The maximum booth space allowed for any one exhibitor will be dependent upon remaining space available at the time of exhibitor’s submittal of his/her space rental agreement.  Every possible effort will be made to accommodate your booth(s) size and location selection.  However, booth space is contracted on a “first come” basis.  Your early reservation is your best insurance for your prime location.

Exhibit Space Requirements:

The rental space fee is for the space only. Pipe and drape dividers are required between each exhibitor’s rental spaces which will be supplied by Expo Management through Freeman Decorating. The Exhibitor will be responsible for any additional utilities and or service requirements needed such as electrical connections, tables, chairs, booth setups (booths if used must be completely finished on the back), additional lighting, etc. if required. These services can be obtained through the CENTER’s exclusive provider, Freeman Decorating. See CENTER’s Exclusive Provider for Exhibitors listed below for Freeman Decorating Contact Information.

Utility Services (Also See CENTER’s Exclusive Providers for Exhibitors):

Arlington Convention Center (CENTER) is the utilities provider (obtainable upon request through Freeman Decorating) for utilities, including air, gas, ISDN, electric, water, telephone, internet and wired and wireless (WiFi) services for events held at the CENTER. Complimentary WiFi is available throughout the facilities at no charge, but has limited bandwidth and speed. The CENTER is also the only provider which can be used for exhibit space electrical connections.

Electric – A CENTER Facility Systems Specialist must be present during installation of complex wiring, lighting, sound or other audio-visual equipment that requires power greater than 208V or 480V available in the permanently installed wall outlets. The CENTER Facility Systems Specialist must inspect all electrical connections greater than 208V before energizing. The CENTER reserves the right to refuse to make electrical connections where such connections are deemed to be hazardous. All electrical equipment must be Underwriter Laboratory (U.L.) approved and all gas operating equipment will be American Gas Association (A.G.A.) approved.

Telephone and Internet – ISDN lines must be ordered at least 15 business days prior to your event. Complimentary WiFi is available as described above.

Audio Visual:

The CENTER has a preferred in-house audio-visual (AV) contractor and technicians to provide AV equipment and equipment operation. Please contact Freeman Decorating for additional information if required.

House Systems – Only a technician from the CENTER’s preferred in-house AV contractor is permitted to operate the house sound or lighting systems. Hourly charges and quotes are available upon request from Freeman Decorating.

Rigging – Rigging encompasses “flying” or attaching hardware or equipment to hang points or grid-work using motors and chain hoists. For safety and insurance reasons, the CENTER’s preferred in-house contractor is responsible for and must perform all rigging and provide all motors and chains down to the “hook.” All other rigged equipment, such as truss, audio, video, and lighting systems, must be inspected and approved by the CENTER’s preferred in-house contractor prior to installation. Rigging points in the Grand Hall and Exhibit Hall are limited to 1000 pounds per point. Rigging plans must be submitted to Freeman Decorating and the CENTER’s Event Coordinator for review and approval prior to finalizing floor plans.

Exhibitors, Vendors, event managers, service contractors, or any other unauthorized persons are prohibited from removing CENTER equipment, including extension cords and electrical panels. Unauthorized persons will be assessed replacement cost for such removals. The CENTER and CENTER’s Exclusive Provider(s) shall not be held responsible for any malfunction of Exhibitor/Vendor equipment.

For additional information, rates and how to pre-order any of the above listed utilities or services for your rental space/booth please contact the CENTER’s Exclusive Provider, Freeman Decorating when ordering. See CENTER’s Exclusive Provider for Exhibitors for Freeman Decorating contact and rate information.

CENTER’s Exclusive Provider for Exhibitors:

Freeman Decorating – Dallas TX is the CENTER’s Exclusive Provider for all utilities and services for the Expo. Please contact Terrye Jones at Ph. 214-267-5714, Cell at 469-515-3355, Fax 214-634-2221, Email terrye.jones@freemanco.com at Freeman Decorating, 8801 Ambassador Row, Dallas TX, 75247 at www.freemanco.com. Contact Information for Freeman Decorating is also located on the NAIPExpo website.


Official Expo badges or wristbands will be issued on a limited basis to all exhibitors. A maximum of two badges or wristbands per 100 sq. ft. of rental space will be free issued to each Exhibitor. This badge or wristband will allow free admittance to the Expo.  Exhibitors who need additional badges or wristbands must register at the front desk and or entrance to the exhibit hall. Additional or replacement badges or wristbands are $10 each.


Any and all advertising by Exhibitors in connection with their participation in the Expo must be true and correct in all respects. Exhibitors shall make no deceptive or misleading claims or representations.


Demonstrations and Merchandise:

No demonstrations or solicitations shall be permitted outside of the exhibitor’s assigned space. Distribution of any printed matter, samples or other articles shall be restricted to within the confines of the exhibitor’s booth. Exhibitors shall not have or operate any display that is the source of objectionable or interfering with surrounding displays, including signs, lights, volume of noise, and costuming of exhibit personnel. Expo management or appointed representative has the final authority. Only those products listed on the exhibitor’s contract which relate to the expo will be eligible for sales or samples.


Performance of Music Protected by Copyright or Licensing Agreements:

Exhibitor will not produce, perform, or broadcast any music protected by copyright or license agreements without obtaining rights from music licensing organizations. Exhibitor agrees to indemnify for all expenses, including without limitation penalties, fines, judgements or awards and attorney fees incurred by Licensor, venue or any other business associated with the Expo as a result of a breach of this provision.


Selling Restrictions:

No sale of merchandise is permitted in regards to feature attractions, celebrities or related movies, television shows and associates in the form of pictures, T-shirts, programs, calendars, comic books, patches, emblems, etc.. A comprehensive list of items sold must be submitted at least (4) four weeks prior to move-in date. Expo management reserves the right to determine all materials sold. Exhibitors must honor all CENTER’s facilities concession rights, the CENTER’s management has the final say and Expo Management and Exhibitor must accept their decision.



Exhibitor assumes all responsibility for compliance with all pertinent ordinances, regulations and codes of duly authorized local, state and federal governing bodies concerning fire, safety, health, together with the rules and regulations of the operators and or owners of the property wherein the expo is held.


Fire and Electrical Rules & Regulations:

All display materials must be flame retardant. Electrical signs and equipment must be wired to meet specifications of local Fire Underwriters Inspections Bureau. All equipment must comply with the National Electrical Code, all Federal, State, and local Safety Codes. Expo Management and the CENTER reserves the right to refuse connection to any exhibitor whose equipment is deemed unsafe by the CENTER’s electrical or plumbing supervisors. Use of open clip sockets, latex or lamp cord wire, unapproved duplex or triplex attachment plugs in exhibits is prohibited. Permanent building electrical outlets are not a part of booth space and are not to be used by exhibitors unless specified otherwise.

Under NO circumstances shall anyone other than the CENTER “house electrician” make electrical connections. All equipment must be properly tagged or marked with complete information as to the type and/or amount of current, voltage, phase, frequency, horsepower, etc., required. All exhibitors’ 120 VOLT cords must be of the 3 wire, grounded type. All exposed non-current carrying metal parts of fixed equipment, which are liable to be energized, shall be grounded.


Exhibitors shall indemnify, defend, protect and hold harmless the CENTER, Expo Management, its members, partners, affiliates, their officers, agents, representatives, employees, families, and its official sponsors and co-sponsors from and against any and all claims, demands and liabilities for any damages, loss, harm or injury or death of a person resulting from theft, fire, water, accidents or any other cause arising directly or indirectly from Exhibitor’s activities, exhibits or the use of the exhibit facility (CENTER), by or on behalf of Exhibitor, its principals, constituents, suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, manufacturers and/or employees. This indemnification provision shall survive all other obligations and termination of the Exhibitor Contract and these terms and conditions.


Neither EXPO MANAGEMENT, its members, nor the representatives and employees thereof, its official service contractors, official sponsors and co-sponsors, nor the CENTER, City of Arlington, nor their representatives or employees, will be held responsible for any injury, loss or damage that may occur to an Exhibitor or an Exhibitor’s property, its employees or representatives for any cause whatsoever prior to, during, or subsequent to the period covered by this rental agreement contract. All property of an Exhibitor is understood to remain under the Exhibitor’s control in transit to, within, and from the confines of the exhibit facility (CENTER). Exhibitors are advised to carry floater insurance to cover exhibit material against damage and loss, and public liability insurance against injury to the person and property of others. Each exhibitor shall assume all risk inherent in its participation in the Expo and release the aforementioned organizations and individuals, referred to above, from any and all such loss, damage or injury.

Vehicle Sales Prohibited:

Texas law prohibits selling or offering to sell any new motor vehicle that is on display at the Expo or any of the CENTER’s properties. Texas law prohibits the display of any used vehicle at the Expo that is offered for sale. Any offering of vehicle sales or advertising of vehicles for sale which are on display by Exhibitors must be conducted off site on days other than Expo show days.

Animals / Pets:

Trained service animals are permitted. No other animals or pets are allowed in the building. Your Event Coordinator must approve use of animals at least 10 business days prior to move-in. Approved animals must be under control at all times.


Building Services:

Utilities – General room lighting, heating, and air-conditioning is provided during event hours. Lighting and heating or air conditioning is provided in the public areas and meeting rooms during move-in, show or event, and move-out. Heating or air conditioning is provided in the Exhibit Hall on leased show days for show hours, and in hall registration (not to exceed 12 hours per day). Heating or air conditioning requested beyond the 12 hours in the Exhibit Hall during move-in and move-out will be provided by Expo Management through mutual agreement with the CENTER at additional cost if needed. Exterior and Overhead Doors must be managed when heating or air conditioning is provided during move-in or move-out. Lighting in the Exhibit Hall is provided at 25% illumination during move-in and move-out and 100% during show hours. Electrical, Air and Water utility rates for exhibitors are listed on the “Service Order Form” found on the NAIPExpo website.


Housekeeping – Exhibitors shall maintain their exhibit space in neat and clean condition at all times. Please keep your booth area neat. Rubbish should be swept into the aisle before leaving each night. One thorough cleaning is performed daily. Cleaning includes removal of light trash during move-in and move-out in aisles, lobbies, and restrooms. CENTER personnel clean the public and rented spaces before, during and after the event. CENTER personnel do not enter or clean interior exhibit booth or registration areas. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to clean their own booth areas and empty their trash into provided waste bins.


Damage Prevention / Assessment (See Also Decorations):

Any damage to the CENTER and its equipment, including loading docks, doors, and landscaped areas, that occurs during an event, including move-in and move-out, must be reported immediately to Expo Management and the CENTER’s Event Coordinator.

Inspections – Event managers and service contractors are invited to inspect the leased area(s) (FACILITY) prior to move-in to determine existing conditions. The CENTER’s DIRECTOR or designee will inspect for damage during event set-up and tear-down.

Protection – Protective plastic must be used in carpeted areas where food and beverage, or other stain-producing items are located and for any display where soil, humus or other landscaping type materials are being used.

Vehicles – Carpeted areas must be protected by plastic, fiber board or other approved material when moving the vehicle to and from its display location. The carpet underneath the vehicle must be protected by plastic and each wheel must be protected by a carpet square, plastic or other approved material while the vehicle is on display.

Hand trucks must have rubber wheels and be kept at a weight not to stretch or wrinkle carpet.

Weight-bearing equipment, including but not limited to vehicles, hand trucks, dollies, forklifts, is prohibited from driving over electrical boxes.

Forklifts and all motorized lifts must have white, non-marking tires, or tires that are taped, bagged or carpet covered and must be brought in through the loading dock. A reasonable speed is required for safety and to avoid burning and stretching the carpet.

Pallets, pallet jacks and vehicles, including but not limited to golf-carts and single-person people-movers (i.e. Segways™), are prohibited in the Grand Hall, pre-function area and carpeted hallways at all times, including move-in and move-out.

Center Equipment Operation – Only authorized CENTER personnel or approved contractors are permitted to set up and operate CENTER equipment. When approved by an Event Coordinator, contractor personnel must hold current certification to operate CENTER equipment.

Damage Assessment – Repair or full replacement costs associated with damages resulting from event-related activities will be charged directly to the Exhibitor. In the Exhibit Hall, this includes, but is not limited to, damages from oil or other leakages, tape residue, non-removal of floor marking tape, equipment movement, etc. In the Grand Hall, this includes, but is not limited to, damage by lifts and hand trucks to the carpet and finished walls and panels.


Decorations / Displays / Signs / Banners:

The CENTER’s Event Coordinator must approve all methods and locations for installing decorations, displays, signs and banners; locations will be approved with consideration for other building tenants. CENTER property, including furniture, artwork, or decorative plants, may not be moved or relocated without the prior approval of the Event Coordinator.

Attaching decorations – The use of nails, screws, tacks, pins, adhesive material, tape, glue, staples, or any product that could penetrate, deface or damage doors, floors, walls, surfaces, furnishings, or equipment is prohibited. No holes may be drilled, cored or punched in the FACILITY.

Glitter is prohibited in carpeted areas.

Helium balloons must be filled, installed and removed by a balloon-decorating firm; helium tanks must be handled according to fire code. The Exhibitor will be assessed a labor fee at the prevailing rate for retrieval of loose balloons.

Open-flame candles are prohibited.

Pipe and drape must be offset from walls and pillars to prevent damage to walls or interference with wall sconces; this also applies to items stored behind pipe and drape.

Removing Decorations – It is the responsibility of Exhibitor and/or its agents, decorators to remove all event-related displays, decorations, equipment and/or materials of any kind, including dirt, bark, mulch, or similar materials during the contracted move-out time.

Signs and Banners – Signage must be professionally produced. Painting of signs, displays or other objects is prohibited inside or outside the FACILITY.

Non-ground supported aisle signs and banners At the discretion of the CENTER’s Director, only CENTER personnel, the CENTER’S preferred in-house contractor, and/or pre-approved decorating firms are permitted to install signs and banners that require hanging throughout the facility including Exhibit Hall, Grand Hall Meeting Rooms & Pubic Space. The Exhibitor will be assessed a fee at the prevailing rate for installation and dismantle of signage. Pre-approved decorating firms are permitted to hang signs and banners weighing less than 50 pounds in the Exhibit Hall and Grand Hall; ceiling hang points are available in the Grand Hall. Ground supported signs and signs on easels are permitted and may be installed by the Exhibitor but location must adhere to fire code. Signs, banners, and similar materials must not be nailed, taped, stapled, or attached to walls, ceilings, and other building surfaces. Attaching to or leaning materials against Grand Hall walls is prohibited. Stick-on decals and/or similar adhesive backed promotional items are prohibited from use, sale and distribution.

Specialty Exhibits – Specialty Exhibits involving wet displays, hydraulic equipment, vehicles, industrial machinery or exhibits using or consisting of dirt, bark, mulch, or similar materials are not allowed in the Grand Hall or other carpeted areas without prior approval from the CENTER’s DIRECTOR.

Wet Displays and Exhibits, including, electrically connected fountains, hot tubs, and other decorative water containers, must be tested and approved by a CENTER Facility Systems Specialist.


Food and Beverage:

The CENTER has an exclusive provider for food and beverage services, including concessions, catering, and alcoholic beverage services. These services are operated and controlled by the CENTER and its official concessionaire. No food and beverage products, supplies or alcoholic beverages may be brought into or removed from the CENTER by the Expo Management, their employees, contractors, exhibitors, vendors or attendees.


Freight / Shipment of Materials:

Unless prior arrangements have been made with Expo Management and their Event Coordinator, the CENTER will not accept shipment of freight, materials and equipment prior to contracted move-in day. The CENTER is not responsible for loss or damage to packages or freight when providing this service. Beginning with the first leased day, all shipments must be consigned to the attention of the Exhibitors/Vendors general contractor or show manager. C.O.D. deliveries will not be accepted by the CENTER. Freight Delivery and Removal must be to and from the loading dock areas only. Vendor loading/unloading, freight deliveries and entertainment groups must use designated dock or ramp. Dock and ramps are for loading and unloading only; unattended vehicles are prohibited and must be moved to designated parking areas.


Gifts / Gratuities to Public Servants:

CITY policy strictly prohibits any CENTER employee from accepting any gifts and gratuities. Gift and gratuity may include any tangible or intangible benefit in the nature of gifts, favors, entertainment, discounts, passes, transportation, accommodation, hospitality, or offers of employment.


Insurance Requirements:

All Exhibitors/Vendors operating vehicles inside the exhibit hall(s) are required to have, at a minimum, liability insurance as required by the State of Texas.


Movable Walls / Overhead Doors:

Only authorized CENTER personnel may operate the movable walls or overhead doors in the Exhibit Hall, Grand Hall, and Meeting Rooms. Any damage resulting from the client, exhibitors or attendees operating the moveable walls or overhead doors will become the responsibility of the Expo Management who in turn will defer any damage charges to the initiator.



The CENTER considers pyrotechnic devices to be any device or material capable of undergoing self-contained and self-sustained exothermic chemical reactions for the production of heat, light, gas, smoke and/or sound. Pyrotechnic displays are allowed inside the facility however, when local code or state or federal law requires, they must be performed by a licensed pyrotechnic operator or by a fire-marshal approved operator. An on-site Fire Marshal is required while smoke detectors and alarms are disabled for pyrotechnic displays. Pyrotechnic displays must have written approval of the CENTER’s DIRECTOR and the Fire Marshal.



The Center supports an in-house single stream recycling program. Plastic, aluminum, bottle glass, paper, and cardboard can be co-mingled in appropriate containers. We ask each Exhibitor, Vendor, their attendees, and service contractor(s) to support this recycling effort. Please contact the CENTER’s Event Coordinator with specific questions.


Safety Features:

The CENTER is equipped with the following safety features:

Illuminated exit signs at every point of pedestrian egress; all points of egress have emergency hardware designed to allow unobstructed passage.

Emergency power generator in the event of loss of electricity to maintain emergency light levels within the facility; the generator will not maintain the HVAC systems.

Zoned, automated voice alarm designed to direct emergency evacuation.

Flashing fire indicators located throughout the facility to provide visual warning for the hearing impaired.

Sprinkler system in public areas of the facility, including the restrooms; smoke detectors and heat sensors in non-occupied areas such as mechanical and electrical storage rooms.


Safety Regulations:

Exhibitors, service contractors, and all other event personnel must comply with all federal and municipal fire codes that apply to public assembly facilities. In the event the Emergency Alarm System is activated all program and event related activity must cease. ALL OCCUPANTS MUST EXIT THE CENTER IMMEDIATELY. No one may re-enter until so authorized by the Fire Department or CENTER personnel.

Aisles must be a minimum of 10 feet wide and remain free of obstructions.

Combustible materials must adhere to local fire codes and be approved in advance by the CENTER’s DIRECTOR and Fire Marshal prior to move in.

Emergency Equipment Access – Blocking or obstructing fire and emergency equipment is prohibited. Fire hoses, extinguisher cabinets, exit signs, strobe lights, emergency equipment and pull boxes must be visible and accessible at all times. Exhibitors/Vendors are prohibited from covering, blocking or obstructing access to the fire detection, enunciation and suppression systems, HVAC vents and house lighting fixtures and controls.

Exhibit Booths must not restrict or obstruct the visibility of emergency exit signs or system monitors. Exhibit booths must be installed and exhibitor products stored so as not to interfere with access to required emergency exits and life safety equipment. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure proper booth construction. Drapes, signs, banners, plastic cloth, decorations, and similar materials must be flame-resistant or fabricated of inherently fireproof materials. A flame test will be performed when deemed appropriate by the Arlington Fire Department. Easels, signs, or other obstructions may not be placed in aisles outside booth areas.

Ingress and egress points must have a minimum of 10 feet clear space on all sides with no physical obstruction and exit doors must remain unlocked during show hours. No portion of the sidewalks, ramps, entrances/exits, corridors, passageways, hall, lobbies, stairways, aisles, driveways or access to public utilities of the CENTER shall be obstructed or used for any other purpose than ingress and egress.

Motor Vehicles Displays – Automobiles, trucks, tractors, machinery, motorcycles and other motor vehicles on display using flammable fuels inside the CENTER may have no more than two gallons and or ¼ tank of fuel, whichever is less. All tanks must be locked or effectively sealed and battery cables must be disconnected from the ignition system. Once the vehicle(s) has been positioned for display the ignition keys must be given to the CENTER’s Event Coordinator.

Occupancy – Meeting Rooms, Exhibit Halls, and the Grand Hall have maximum occupancy capacities. The CENTER reserves the right to prohibit further entry into any space when public safety and welfare considerations would be best served by limiting occupancy.



The CENTER’s DIRECTOR will evaluate each event according to its nature, areas in use, and consideration for other facility tenants when determining security requirements. The CITY, the CENTER and Expo Management do not assume responsibility for lost or stolen articles. The CENTER maintains a 24-hour monitored security alarm system for building perimeter areas. Expo Management will provide Security Guards during move-in, show and move-out times. The Exhibitors/Vendors are solely responsible for security of their property within the CENTER. It is highly recommended that product(s), not secured, be removed when the display is not occupied. CENTER staff on CENTER business has the right of access to the FACILITY at any time. Exhibitors/Vendors and Expo Management may only refuse right of access to personnel without visible and proper CENTER identification.



In accordance with CITY regulations, smoking and/or vaporizers are prohibited inside the CENTER and outside the CENTER within 50 feet of all entrances and exits.


Special Effects:

The use of any special effects, other than standard floor-supported stage lights, must be submitted at least 30 days prior to event for review and approval by the CENTER’s DIRECTOR and the Fire Marshal. Special effects, including haze, smoke or dry ice that has not been approved prior to move-in will not be allowed. Use of these effects requires disabling smoke detection enunciators and supervision by the Fire Marshal and additional event personnel. Contact the CENTER’s Event Coordinator for further information. See also Pyrotechnics.



Crates and other storage are prohibited in hallways or facility storage areas, and must not block exits or life safety apparatus. Storage of flammable, combustible mixtures, waste, or other liquids is prohibited.


Bulk Trash Removal (See also Recycling):

Exhibitors/Vendors are responsible for removal of all bulk trash in which the Exhibitor brings to the event including but not limited to crates, pallets, and lumber and packing materials prior to event opening and following move-out. Exhibitors/Vendors are urged to dispose of their own bulk trash to avoid being assessed any costs incurred by the CENTER for bulk trash removal and cleaning or costs associated with an unusual amount of dirt, debris, oil or grease. Bulk Trash is defined as material that cannot be swept with a broom.


Vehicular Demonstrations and Exhibitions:

Vehicle movement in all areas of the facility other than docks and Exhibit Hall is highly restricted. When movement of a vehicle involving a mechanized or motorized part powered by either propellant or electrical system is necessary as part of a public demonstration or exhibition, full details must be furnished to the CENTER’s Event Coordinator for approval by the CENTER’s DIRECTOR and the Fire Marshal a minimum of 30 days prior to move-in. Protective measures must be taken when vehicles are displayed on FACILITY carpeted areas. See also Damage Prevention.